Staff Augmentation

Enhancing Teams with Expert Augmentation

Our Process

Our staff augmentation services are strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of your technology team. We understand that having the right talent at the right time is paramount in the dynamic world of technology. With our dedicated approach, we seamlessly integrate top-tier remote engineers into your existing teams, effectively expanding your capabilities and accelerating your projects.

Our process is a well-orchestrated symphony, comprising the following key elements:

Bandwidth Expansion

We provide skilled professionals when you need them most, enhancing your existing capabilities and bringing fresh perspectives to your projects.

Streamlined Onboarding

Avoid the hassle of lengthy recruitment processes. We swiftly onboard professionals from our extensive network, enabling you to kickstart your projects promptly.

Quality-Focused Screening

Our rigorous screening process ensures that we handpick the top 1% of qualified individuals, guaranteeing that our professionals are highly skilled, experienced, and ready to contribute immediately.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

Our Talent Experience Managers maintain a continuous feedback loop to address issues promptly and keep developers motivated and aligned with your goals.

Attrition Mitigation

We coach each developer, focusing on personal development and exciting project opportunities to maintain high retention rates, ensuring project continuity.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities in staff augmentation transcend the ordinary. We have honed the ability to address varying complexities, ensuring that your team is empowered to excel in today’s competitive landscape. We provide access to a network of top-tier professionals who are not just hired to fill gaps but to elevate your project outcomes.

benefits of staff augmentation with Infragist

In the dynamic world of technology, having the right talent at the right time is crucial. At Infragist, we offer staff augmentation services designed to help you expand your technology team with top-tier talent. Our remote engineers provide high-quality work, seamlessly integrating into your existing teams as if they were physically present in your office.

Quick Spin-Up, No Recruiting Cost

Rapidly assemble teams from our pool of qualified professionals, eliminating the need for time-consuming recruitment and onboarding.

Employee Administration Simplified

We handle administrative aspects, including contracts, payroll, vacations, and replacements, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Reduced Labor Costs

Staff augmentation minimizes overhead costs associated with maintaining full-time, in-house staff and optimizes labor expenses for finite projects.

Flexible and Scalable

Adapt quickly to changing project requirements with our scalable services, enabling you to expand your team on demand.

Time Zone Compatibility

Our remote developers work in your time zone, promoting real-time collaboration and eliminating scheduling constraints.