Liwe Communities

About the Solution

Sri Lanka’s first comprehensive cloud-based smart communities management tech platform.

Liwe is an application that digitally connects you to your immediate and wider community to make your life more convenient, safer and above all seamless.

Liwe lets you manage your home/personal space on-the-go from your mobile device anytime, anywhere and manage key aspects of apartment living.

Liwe is a Scalable, Multi-Product Fit Solution, which is Very Low Cost to Roll Out, and presents a Global Opportunity to adopters in the Sri Lankan market.

Web & Mobile
Sri Lanka / Global
The Management Application

Liwe provides condominium managers with an integrated platform to effortlessly navigate the tricky resident and management relationship starting from e noticeboards to payment and receivables dashboard, seamless account reconciliations, e facilities management, smart payroll systems, e-accounting to smart entry management.

The Resident Application

Liwe is one stop hi-tech solution for your condominium living right from smart access to the building to payment and billing solutions, to child security to visitor management. Liwecreates limitless possibilities to manage your day-to-day life for seamless liwing.

Why Liwe

Key Highlights

Going for a cloud-based property management system can help you streamline your business operations. 

You can send reminders to your clients promptly. Set it up within the cloud system and let it do the rest for you. You can send them reminders on upcoming payments and pending bills, or update notices.
Transparency & Accountability
There is no hidden communication when engaging with your clients. Everything is transparent because you can share the information and get feedback from them quickly.
Support & Regular Updates
Cloud based PMS service companies provide timely support. If you face any issue with the system, you only need to generate a complaint ticket and the team will be right there.
Centralized Data Management
Cloud property management systems allow you to access all your data from a central point –inside your dashboard.
Integrated Accounting System
System comes with an integrated accounting module to make financial management easy. You only need a few clicks to get things done.
Data Security
Cloud systems protect your data from equipment failures, losses from a power outage, theft, fire outbreaks, and natural disasters.