About the Solution

Decentralized, blockchain-based system to store patient medical records safe & securely

Life Assist is a decentralized, blockchain-based system to store patient and medical records safe and securely.

This is a one-app solution for all healthcare needs such as booking appointments, medication purchases/refills, medication reminders, smart healthcare integrations, online doctor consultations, and even for meal plans and healthy lifestyle options such as gym memberships or curated training programs.

Web & Mobile
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Our Solution

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Reminders & Automations
Automated reminders for medications, refills, appointments, tests, doctor follow-ups, etc.
Foolproof Data Storage
Record storage in digital format in a decentralized system: No lost records or records tampered with
Assistance & Oversight
Carer bookings and management of assisted care facilities for elders, handicapped, etc.
IoT Integrations
IoT integrations for smart healthcare systems – wearables, blood sugar monitoring, ECG, etc.
Health & Fitness
Fitness tracking and tie-ins for gyms, personal trainers, meal plans, fitness regimes, etc.
COVID-19 Safety
Vaccination tracking for COVID-19 safety – Can be integrated with existing safe entry systems.